Selective Demolition



Selective demolition, sometimes called dismantling or interior strip-out, involves removing only selected parts of a building or structure, rather than demolishing the entire structure. Because dismantling often occurs in facilities or buildings maintaining active operations, the HOMRICH team carefully analyzes and plans each project to ensure maximum safety and minimum disruption to on-going operations.

Select demolition is ideal for maximizing the value of existing buildings or structures by reusing or repurposing them. HOMRICH takes pride in providing the best dismantling services by working closely with our customers to ensure a seamless project, from start to finish.

You can view data sheets from some of our past projects by clicking on the pictures below.


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GM Plant

GM Moraine OH

Internal Demolition – Shear Excavators, Burners and Man-Lifts, On-Site Scrap Processing


COBO Arena

Selective Demolition - COBO ARENA - Detroit, MI

Selective Demolition including Asbestos Abatement and Structure Preservation while maintaining on-going operations.

Guardian Building

Selective Demolition - Guardian Building - Detroit, MI

Careful dismantlement and structure removal to allow for Toxic Abatement and structural preservation.

Renaissance Center

Selective Demolition - Renaissance Center - Detroit, MI

Interior Strip-Out of office and hotel space for renovation – Toxic Materials Abatement and Recycling


U of M Stadium

Selective Demolition - Michigan Stadium - Ann Arbor, MI

Selective Demolition, Manual Dimantling & Regulated Materials Abatement of a 20,000 sq. ft. structure.

U of M Crisler Arena

Selective Demolition - Crisler Arena - Ann Arbor, MI

High-Altitude Dismantling within Tight Quarters  at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor, MI.

MSU Wells Hall

Selective Demolition - Wells Hall, Michigan State University

Interior and Structural Demolition using Robotics and Materials Abatement at a lecture hall in East Lansing, MI.

U of M Law Quad

Selective Demolition - Materials Abatement - Ann Arbor, MI

Selective Demolition and Asbestos Abatement of preserved building at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.